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Building a mute box with LED?


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  • Building a mute box with LED?

    Hi folks, I'm trying to build a mute box. I've got this old BYOC booster project sitting here that I don't really need. So I can take out the guts and still have a 3DPT, mono jack, stereo jack, and LED. Is it possible to build a mute pedal--which won't make a pop when engaged/bypassed--with just these parts?


    Can anyone offer instructions? Thanks

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    You'll get a pop if you don't use at least a pulldown resistor and a cap.

    Also, you'll need a current-limiting resistor for the LED, and a battery/snap.


    You probably have most of the stuff you need in the boost-kit.

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      Thanks. i've got a lot of resistors and caps lying around. So thanks for the tips.

      Do you have any advice where I should look to find an easy-to-read diagram for putting it together? Google hasn't quite gotten results. I've seen people on different forums giving different advice about little parts of the circuit, but I haven't found diagrams that show everything put together. Any ideas where to look aside from typing "building mute box" into google?

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    It's impossible. Just give up.
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      If you need to roll with a store-bought gizmo, there's this: 


      Just turn the knob to zero. 

      EHX signal pad


      It would be super-simple to build one too. Just have the 'hot wire' connected to both the input and output jacks; run another wire from the 'hot' to a footswitch, then a contact from the footswitch to ground. When the unit's "on" both input and output will be grounded. 

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