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    I've been gassing for a light fuzz/od pedal lately that is similar to the Sam Ash Fuzz Clones, something to get me into Tommy Bolin tone range.  So far I've found the Mojo Hand Fx Zephyr, the Analogman Astrotone and of course the Hartman Tommy Bolin sig pedal.  
    Does anyone have experience with any of these?  What are some pros and cons of each.  Am I missing another alternative to those 3?  Of course it's all going to come down to what sounds and feels best to me, but the shops are shut here today so I'm looking to you guys for some pre-test drive opions! 

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    All I know is that the Zephyr sounds badass and that I've wanted one since they came out.

    I haven't come across a used one yet though. People must like them.
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      All I can tell you is the AstroTone is BLEEPING GREAT.  I love that pedal so much I think I'm going to get another one.  Sounds fantastic by itself, and also stacks well with other pedals.  That is my pick - although I have no experience with the other pedals you mentioned.