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  • OT - travel songwriting/recording rig

    I travel a bit for work, and have just bought a cheap (<$40US), shortscale electric to cut down and make into a travel guitar.  I have a recording setup at home but between work and family I rarely get to use it, but I'm going to get a new computer for work-on-the-go within the next few months hopefully.  So I'm thinking about getting a very basic travel-friendly recording setup for songwriting sketches. 

    Requirements: As few pieces of equipment as possible (already have mics and phones, no monitors needed)SMALL (ideally would all fit in a laptop bag including ultrabook, bus powered USB interface with 2 in/out (must be 3.0 compatible), midi controller keyboard.

    Budget: Around $400US excluding computer (which will be bought for/through work and will probably be a mac so Garageband will cover DAW duties)

    Focusrite 2i2 + Akai MPK? Behringer UMA25S? Any other suggestions?


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    I have the 2i2, and it's great. Really sturdy and yet not too heavy.
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      Zoom H4N, and save the DAW for home? That's my first inclination.



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        Interesting solution, but given that I have to take the computer anyway, and it would be nice to have a simple transportable setup for jamming/recording with friends too, I'd like to go the DAW route.

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          Used Apogee Duet v.1.


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            Yup, Duet or Mbox 2 Mini running amp sims. It'd be your best bet with headphones on.
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              What are you recording?


              Have you seen the Zoom G3, you can go right into your PCMac with it via USB... no interface needed. Only $170 new

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                chrisjnyc wrote:

                What are you recording?

                Whatever spews out of my brain - which is likely to be pop/indie/rock.

                Electric guitar (just bought a cheapo short scale to cut down and make a travel guitar out of), voice (if you can call it that), percussion perhaps, and some midi for drums/keys.

                I'd also like to have it as a possible solution for recording jams or doing recording projects with friends, but not tracking drums - I have a setupa

                The G3 is an interesting idea, but I want to be able to record mics in stereo if the need arises.

                Mbox is a good idea - will keep an eye out for one used, but I think the ones with 2 preamps tend to be bigger than the Focusrite

                Duet is firewire, and there is no firewire on the Macbook air.  I could take a gamble on a thunderbolt to firewire adapter...