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Who Are You People?!

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  • Who Are You People?!

    A lot of people haven't been able to get their old accounts back and have new names.  Others have tiny default Lithium avatars.  I don't know who a lot of people are.  I keep seeing Grueller post.  The name looks kinda familiar but I have no idea who it is without an avatar.  Even with an avatar it'd be too tiny to see.

    This thread is to let everyone know who you are.  Maybe post your old avatar too.

    I was Clementwave on the old site.
















    No, I'm sorry. I was Lou Speed.

    snax lydia.jpg



    So who are you?

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    <p>Â****Â****Â****Â****Â****Â****Â****Â****Â****Â****Â****Â Â****Â****Â****Â****Â****Â****Â****Â****Â****Â****Â****Â**** ****Â****Â****Â****Â****Â****Â****Â****Â**** Â**** Â**** Â****Â****Â****Â****Â**** <img alt="bird_.gif" src="/t5/image/serverpage/image-id/1422i99487521EE00216D/image-size/original?v=mpbl-1&amp;px=-1" align="middle" height="32" border="0" title="bird_.gif" width="31"></p><br><p><font color="#FF0000" size="5"><strong>Recipient of 1 Kudo: BOTB</strong><strong> 2013</strong></font></p>

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    I am Texas Noise Factory.

    Nice to meet you little girl from the Beetljuice cartoon.

    (Speaker Avatar I don't feel like finding...)
    —-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, friend.


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      • lefort_1
        lefort_1 commented
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        I was Lefort_1, Marin_Timmy and Juat


        ok...I was just Lefort_1

      • Grueller
        Grueller commented
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        PKTrono wrote:


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      My avatar on the old site was Anna Calvi.

      Anna Calvi

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      <blockquote><hr>AimmarCair wrote:<br>EHX could clean out my anus.<br><br>Delicious HOG enema.<hr></blockquote>


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        Same as it ever was - but with a smaller avatar


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          **************** this forum
          Test Tech Wattson Classic Electronics<br><br>EL KABONG wrote: I turned down $25 grand cash for gay sex.


          • Don't Post
            Don't Post commented
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            echodeluxe wrote:
            **************** this forum


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          Test Tech Wattson Classic Electronics<br><br>EL KABONG wrote: I turned down $25 grand cash for gay sex.


          • Wood Chuck
            Wood Chuck commented
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            I was ice house, then wood chuck. When I came back............I was snorter. However upon registering, It took the name wood chuck which is fine as long as ice house is gone!.png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />

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          Hot Lettuce.

          <div class="signaturecontainer"><font size="1"><a target="_blank" href="http://www.diegosumbrella.com"><font color="Black">Catch a show, catch the crabs!</font></a></font><br><br><a target="_blank" href="http://www.howtowinatlife.bandcamp.com"><font size="1"><font color="Black">So much time, so little to do.</font></font></a><br><br><a target="_blank" href="http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e47/howtowin/IMAG0126.jpg"><font size="1"><font color="Red">AMP</font></font></a><br><br><a target="_blank" href="http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e47/howtowin/IMG_20130727_133348_783_zps07315f75.jpg"><font size="1"><font color="Orange">BOARD</font></font></a><br><br><a target="_blank" href="http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e47/howtowin/S2010192.jpg?t=1225757860"><font size="1"><font color="DarkGreen">DRUMS</font></font></a><br><br><font size="1"><font color="Blue">Founding father of the Fulldrive IIth Fairies</font></font><br><br><font size="1">Great transactions with: MadMax808<br></font></div>