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on the verge of quitting HCFX

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  • on the verge of quitting HCFX

    i just can't handle the 3.0. 

    **************** doesn't work on my iphone.  can't edit my ****************ing sig for christsake...btw, the peppermint dark is sold.  not really meaning to be dramatic, but this really blows.  nothing learned from 2.0. 

    i'll try to drop by chat as much as i can, will be at MCFX, TGP, Offsetguitars, etc. 

    hopefully they can get this nonsense worked out. 

    MAN for that kind of thing U got to go Back to the Old boxes from back when!! In those days we would bring are AMPS to the lake and wnen U tilt the Cab down by the water U can see the ****************in DENT it made! With the waves coming off it and Everything ****************!!!!! NOwadays they all play in there Dens and home bars or watever kind of **************** they get up to

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    I didn't come here to save whales, I came here to get laid and make rock 'n' roll


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      despite your hostility, i still gave you a kudo.

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    • Texas Noise Factory
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      That's a bummer. And I've been doing my part to bring about your purpleness...

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    Test Tech Wattson Classic ElectronicsEL KABONG wrote: I turned down $25 grand cash for gay sex.


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    **************** doesn't work on my iphone

    Bottom of page: "Version: Mobile | Full"


    Click on Full. Yeah, it logs me out and I have to redo this every time.


    Someone else can tell you how to edit your sig. (umm, how do we make clickable links in sigs?)Deals: Tron Murphy, hangwire, renula, AimmarCair, Urinate Forever, ck3Kudos'd


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      This is much better on my iPhone than the vbulletin format. otherwise the lack of traffic does suck and I still don't really enjoy browsing it on a computer, but I can adjust.
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        Mobile version is better IMO, but overall the UI still blows.  And the traffic sucks ballz.

        It's actually kind of liberating not being tied to a dumb ass internet effects forum.

        I'll find another crutch...


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          I'm gay.
          Test Tech Wattson Classic ElectronicsEL KABONG wrote: I turned down $25 grand cash for gay sex.


          • macadood
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            bob just because youre too old to be using a computer doesnt mean you have to quit hcfx. it still does all the same things. you can still edit yoru sig all you want, even put gifs into it. go into settings --> personal info and the sig is in there. just delete any nerdy mumbo jumbo and start fresh with a new sig, copy paste whatever info you want to keep.


            and you can still embed pics from other sites, dont need to upload them to hcfx. you dumb.

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          I agree that the interface kind of sucks. I have no idea where to look. There needs to be some kind of obvious visual break among the different elements on the page.

          But hey, at least this version ****************ing loads.
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            But Bob who else will watch your demos?

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          Stay Paisan!


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            Hey Bob...sorry for giving you grief the other's been a reall sucko month for me, biz is not doing well, at all.

            Anyway: [img] will not work in this is a different language, if you will...and that language is HTML. It's probably the wave of the near-future...who knows what it will be next decade. Think of [img] as a cheapass hotlink method that needed to go out and reload the pic from a distant site every session...and thos of us with photobucket accounts know how frequently something like that site goes up/dow/sides and just dissappears for a while....when that happened,the ref'd pics ended up being the notorius red-X. Anyway, this type of site tries to get around it by uploading a copy of the pic and ref'ing that....a more robust solution, in the long run.

            Anyway, if you want to type in HTML, you can try....but I think this site wants to point only to it's own, local copies of stuff. Let's try:

            Travvy's lap steel

            Well, that was interesting.

             the entire line of HTML is:

            <p><img src="/t5/image/serverpage/image-id/5171iF8FC76CCA05E4DC9/image-size/original?v=mpbl-1&amp;px=-1" border="0" alt="Travvy's lap steel" title="Travvy's lap steel" align="center" /></p>

   you can see the pic was copied to that local volume /t5/image/serverpage, which appears to be very snappy at displaying pics.

            I too, get kinda bummed that I can't just dump a link to my pics in between 2 [img][/img] thingys any more, bt now I shouldn't have to worry about red-X's, which is good.


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          • alien
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            yeah overly lame eh,  ???  also looks like delayd delayd did a razor blade ray and left town?