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I Saw This One Guy With Kudos


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  • I Saw This One Guy With Kudos

    ...he had a box of them, the snack bar. It was in line for Wapred Tour in Indy in 03 I think. They wouldn't let him take them in so he threw them all happy fun style to the people behind him in line. I got one. I think it was the M&Ms one. 

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    They were probably laced with bath salts or something.
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      In 2003, bath salts were actually bath salts.

      Also, snack nostalgia now in full effect. I always wanted Kudos but my parents would never buy anything fancier than Quaker granola bars. I was squarely in the lower strata of the lunchroom hierarchy.

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    CSB. Have some kudos, you two.



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      If you give a man a kudos, he'll eat for a day. If you teach a man how to kudos he'll eat for life.
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