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  • Ditto looper

    Looks pretty great. I don't use my m9 looper anywhere near its potential but this looks right up my alley. I just use my m9 for trek and verb really so I'm thinking of pulling it off of my live board.
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    it does look bloody nifty.

    any news on the price though?
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    • BeanoBoy
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      I'm interested also. I like the fact that it's SIMPLE.

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    If this thing is less than 200 dollars- I think the headrush just got its ass handed to it. It'll depend on whether or not it as intuative to use as it seems.  That's where the headrush really shines.  


    This is pretty much exactly what we needed on the market... I REALLY hope it is less than 200, I'm gonna pick one up. 

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      yeah, i'd like to hear more about, especially price.

    • Ben Lubin
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      I really want one.

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    I heard it's $130.