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  • New ZVEX Info

    Just saw a demo video with Eric Sexe of ZVEX, and the interviewer asked him the price of the new effects.  Looks like the Fat FF will be around the price of the regular FF, while the big box Ringtone, Seek Wah and Seek Trem will be about $300 for a Vexter and "upper 400s" for the painted boxes.  The big boxes won't be out for about another 8 months. :mansad:

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      do people still buy zvex pedals?
      Youtube Pedal Vids
      For Sale: (including special delivery in UK)
      ToneFactor Nebular - £40
      Line 6 RotoMachine - £46
      Good deals: Sikor, daysofspeed, joeyowen, melx, WAWbanks, Vince, woolyh, HeartfeltDawn, messiah, T3, dangerous dan, starsteam, Netstar, gae86, theboywho, Mike_Muse_Rage, SG-1, kpd78, AJ Nash, Vintage_freak, percyexpat


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      You mean they'll be of vexter super seek WAh?!? oh I am so on that
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      • A.P. Ryder
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        Looks like it. :manhappy:

        I haven't bought any ZVEX in a while, but I'll be on that new Fat FF and that Super Seek Wah like flies on bleep.

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      Here's the vid:



      • A.P. Ryder
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        That's a different video from the one I saw, but it's more succinct and gives the same info.  Man, I wish I could get my hands on that Fat Fuzz Factory NOW.