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    M9 killer. Party time. Would post image but I'm on my phone. Anyone else get that email?

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    Tomorrow, Eventide unveils its newest addition to their stompbox line, the H9 Harmonizer

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      "Tomorrow, Eventide unveils its newest addition to their stompbox line, the H9 Harmonizer

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        • Phil O'Keefe
          Phil O'Keefe commented
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          I just got this in my inbox and came here to post it.


          Too slow!


          Looks cool though - I'll definitely be headed to the Eventide booth to find out more and give it a listen.


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        I guess I should have said "m5" killer... totally slipped my mind.


        • Trick Fall
          Trick Fall commented
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          Doesn't look like a lot of control on the actual unit itself, but I'm definitely interested in this.

        • chrisjnyc
          chrisjnyc commented
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          Hmmm... this seems to be a "best of" eventide FX pedal. A bit odd to see, but sounds pretty cool. I think they would be better off putting all the  modpitchdeley
          everb FX in one unit. That would seem the best play to make to compete with the Line 6oom multi FX pedals out there

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        This sounds awesome! I could get one even if its just one effect at time.
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        • ChuckNorris1982
          ChuckNorris1982 commented
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          This could be very cool indeed, but they'd need to open up the editing/uploading models to a wider baseof users than Apple fanbois.  I'll probably never own an Apple product, so won't buy this unless it gets some Android or Windows functionality added to it.

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        I will be buying one of these. I've used Eventide stuff in the studio, but have never been able to justify buying the Factor Series pedals to replicate the parts live.


        • macadood
          macadood commented
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          very interesting indeed. especially if it goes for something around $250.


          HOWEVER it needs a separate preset switch, i'd like a smaller version of a 6 preset switch like on the HOG1. and yea m5 killer. should have called it the H5.  and this leads me to believe that a true m9 killer is in the works, with multiple fx and looper and all.


          also why is it called a H9 Harmonizer??