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  • NMAD & NMPD M=Micro

    IMAG0004.jpgIMAG0006.jpgSo a local music shop had a sale and since i constantly suffer from GAS i went along to score bargains. What a brough home was an Orange Micro Terror and a Mooer Hustle Drive.

    Firstly: The micro terror is beyond amazing. It sounds fantastic, not just for an amp of its size and price range but just in general. Its also very loud for 20watts of solid state power. Defintely could gig with it through my 2x12. I love it!

    The hustle drive is also pretty great. A very faithful clone of an OCD and an all round great sounding pedal. It actually works with the micro terror really well.



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    Awesome! HNPD and HNAD! I've wondered about those micro Oranges before. Sounds like they are the real deal.
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      Had a hustle drive for a short while, only sold it cause I bought two other mooer dirt peds at the same time and didn't need all three of em. Definatelly a very good ocd clone though, pretty amazing overdrive for the money.