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Where'd all my kudos go?

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  • Where'd all my kudos go?

    I had over 100 kudos yesterday, and I was in the top ten most kudo'd. Now I'm not even on the leaderboard but my profile still says I have 102. 

    I demand justice! I demand kudos!

    good guys: english_bob, SG1, red_riviera, chisa, melx, Tayste_2000, tommyld (fuzzhugger), NetStar, bondini, Taylor704, HeartfeltDawn, garethdavies, Uncle Bastard, woolyh, Snufkino, THAT4301, Chugs, Matt0201, fruvai, Prince Squid, eerock, mr benn.

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    There ya go!

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      Kudoed.  As long as Freekish Blues is in the top 3, I can't see anything wrong with that leaderboard.

      good transactions: themeanreds, OnWingsOfLead, bass_econo, PumpkinPieces, meganutt7, Used666, mrweems, scoogs, TravvyBear, joeya, wiz-ski, conky


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        That's it, kudo me! Kudo me all night long!

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      You got dekudosed.

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      Winner of nothing, BOTB Raffle 2011</i><br />
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