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  • Petition To Change The Forum Name...

    to Effects - Pedals, Multi-Effects, Floor Boxes, and Kudos.


    Maybe even leave floor boxes out of it?  Kudos should be in the name though.

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    Second the motion.

    good transactions: themeanreds, OnWingsOfLead, bass_econo, PumpkinPieces, meganutt7, Used666, mrweems, scoogs, TravvyBear, joeya, wiz-ski, conky


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      ...and a kudo for you, good sir. I wonder if the other forums are cookoo for kudos like we are.

      If I had Photoshop on my phone I would totally make a picture of that cocoa puffs bird with a kudos button. You'll just have to imagine it.


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        I like the sound of "Effects, Pedals and Kudos."


        • lefort_1
          lefort_1 commented
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          I was thinking "Effects, Kudos and Pedals" ...since we talk about Distortion of all types (pedals, eocio-Economic, Social, -of the Truth), I think we talk about Effect(s) mostly....then Kudos....specific Pedals is a distant 3rd, lately.



        • Lou Speed's Alt
          Lou Speed's Alt commented
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          someone pm robot girl and ask to have it changed

        • macadood
          macadood commented
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          agreed. kudos has revolutionized hcfx. Kudos Central effectsx

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        kudos central: kudos kudos


        • macadood
          macadood commented
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          i'd assume being a Trusted Member has to do with Solutions?


          PK you try dem pedals yet?

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        Kudos n Bits.

        Founding father of the Fulldrive IIth Fairies