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Here's a realtime, demo/graphic, edumakationul idea for you kudites


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  • Here's a realtime, demo/graphic, edumakationul idea for you kudites

    I just spawned this concept over at "Feedback", but I think it needs wider play:




    We know that Kudos and Solutions are not only the best measure of the relatively freindly/cooperative nature of the forums. They are also a perfect way to evaulte the positive-power that each forum holds over it's neighbors. And when one forum drops in relative members/posts/kudo-rates, then it's power wanes. SO LETS HARNESS THIS POWER, AND DISPLAY IT ON THE HOME PAGE HERE.....in the form of a giant RISK-theme'd-board game!

    Imagine: the epic battle between the Cold War counterparts: Amps, Effects/Pedlulz, Electric Guitarz. There's the hessian-brains-for-hire-guys over at the People's Republic of Recording and Video, the bucolic beauty of the Acoustic fora, the anarcho-terrorist bedlam of Ulster The Political Party. We can bring in tectonic-level chaos by measuring the effect of post-kudo-hate-rates caused by Phil and the BanHammer. And all the little Kudo-Kings could battle it out for these territories, based on the What-Have-You-Solutioned-For-Me-Lately? Index.


    I see what you're trying to do. But you can't steal the idea and sell it to Milton Bradley... I've already got the copywrite and trademark aspects covered, long before I started this post.


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    let the builderburgers, make better whoppers, donkey kong know sup...

    changes come w/ the whether...


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