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Need to choose which iMac!


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  • Need to choose which iMac!

    I'm finally changing my 2006 iMac. Since, I upgraded to Snow Leopard. My Photoshop CS2

    won't even open anymore. So, I think it's finally time to get a new computer. I need help to choose!

    I know that the new iMac doesn't even have a cd slot, which is a pain. It's a turn off for me. If I can still find the last iMac version would that be a better option? I need your opinions please!

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    No. Get the newest and most powerful iMac you can afford.
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    • Phil O'Keefe
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      eti313 wrote:
      No. Get the newest and most powerful iMac you can afford.


      Generally this is quite solid advice IMO. Put your money into the fastest CPU you can afford. Get the ram (as much as it will hold) from a third party vendor and install it yourself - it's much cheaper that way. Screen size is also important to some people, but even the "small" iMac has a decent sized screen.

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    I went to one local Apple Store last night and they said they are sold out! 

    Need to do some Mac hunting tonight.


    About Photoshop etc.. anyone using CS6 or older on your iMac? I have CS2 on my old Mac right now that kept on quitting everytime I use it! Hence, `new iMac purchasing..


    • RadioSilence
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      Using CS3 on my '07 Macbook running Lion, and my dad installed it on his '10 iMac running Snow Leopard and he's just put it on his new Macbook Air running Mountain Lion.

      Never had any probs with it.