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Creative solutions!

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  • Creative solutions!

    post your creative solutions! (yes i'm bored tonight)

    using tremolo pedal as a volume pedal with a knob (pulsar)
    using smmh delay pedal as a flanger
    using smmh delay pedal as a ringmodulator
    using ring thing pedal as a fuzz
    using fuzz as a mute pedal

    post 'em!

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    I use a Rat pedal as a doorstop
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      Tremolo on everything.
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        I use a Rat pedal as a doorstop

        if we're going outside of audio solutions..

        i keep a boss FV500L close to my bed in case of intruders.


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            I use a Rat pedal as a doorstop

            I have seriously done the same thing.
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              SMMH as reverse reverb
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                Harmony-Central as a usable forum
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                  Aaron SS wrote:
                  Harmony-Central as a usable forum


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                SMMH as reverse reverb

                maybe we shouldn't allow smmh and ring thing.

                ring thing does:

                pitch shifting
                ring mods
                can do fuzz (with a bit of help from amp)


                ring mod
                reverse everything
                and more

                nailed some neat jack white solo tones by using the guitar disruptor (it's f***ed up fuzz basically) after a whammy on +2 octaves or the ring thing on +2 octaves into a clean amp, sounds absolutely gorgeous. a use for the guitar disruptor!


                • #10
                  In the spirit of Richie Blackmore I used my old 8-track recorder as a preamp to my amp. Nice overdrive sound!
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                  • #11
                    EHX Flanger Hoax as a Modulated Wah
                    EHX Worm as an EQ or Boost
                    EHX HOG as a Non-cyclical Chorus
                    EHX LPB2ube as a Signal Splitter
                    EHX Memory Boy as an Exp Controlled Rotary Sim


                    • #12

                      EHX Memory Boy as an Exp Controlled Rotary Sim

                      very cool :d


                      • #13
                        Pitchfactor- talent button
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                          Tremolo on everything.

                          Originally Posted by Naterel "All bands suck period"


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                            Pog2 as a Slow Gear

                            Danelectro Drive as a Cable extender to an amp in another room (true bypass innit!)
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