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Four out of five stars or 4/5 or ****

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  • Four out of five stars or 4/5 or ****

    Let's get serious for a second.  All pedals aren't created equal and we should be rating these things at face value instead of hype.  Every pedal is not a 4/5 like a P&W CD! 

    To get OVER a 3/5 rating a pedal needs to do something that no other pedal in its cateory does.  For instance - Don't tell me this new light/medium over drive is the BEST because it's touch-sensativity and blah blah blah.  It's just another tube screamer variate like JHS, klon, tim, or timmy.  

    I have owned all the hype pedals from time to time. From light overdrives to expensive fuzzes and delays and $500 reverbs.  They don't make you play better.  They just don't.

     I have found that my $29 MIT Boss SD-1 is more consistent, reliable and EVEN SOUNDS better than any other fancy overdrive I have owned.


    So just stop.  Right now.  Put down dem stars dawg.  Cause they ain't that good! 

    Eat it.

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    I agree, one of the biggest hyped pedals of the moment on TGP is the..... 










    mini bone, buyer beware!


    • goodhonk
      goodhonk commented
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      this thread is 1/5 tops.

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    OD-3 ****************s all over the sd-1
    YᵒᵘOᶰˡʸLᶤᵛᵉ Oᶰᶜᵉ<br><blockquote><hr>Robopimp wrote:<br>Chat crüe is srs crüe<hr></blockquote><br>For Sale: Ibanez DML-10, Boss TW-1, Boss FZ-2/3<br><br>Good deals with: Duderanimous, Overwhelmed987, Jules-RM, DoubleBarrel, HotRats, Fusion1, IRG, barney steele, Aaron SS, Urinate Forever, Raintes, crowquill, Blakemore Effects, Aimmar Cair, lefort_1, killthelights, 9720575 (CHUCK!)


    • BrentMpls
      BrentMpls commented
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      macadood wrote:
      OD-3 ****************s all over 

      gross, maca

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    ^ first part of that statement you got right.


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      my ds-1 didn't sample very well, so i bought an mpc


      • AimmarCair
        AimmarCair commented
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        Klon gets a 5/5.

        None moar hyped.