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Does anyone prefer the Boss NS-2 over the ISP Decimator?

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  • Does anyone prefer the Boss NS-2 over the ISP Decimator?

    Just curious. I've never owned an NS-2.

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    yes. The ISP did nothing for me.


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      I always thought the loop is what made it an effective noise reduction pedal, which makes the NS-2 far superior.

      Without the loop, if you put the gate in front of noisy pedals, you still get white noise. If you put it afterward and have any significant volume shifts, the gate mistriggers. With the loop, it triggers from the front end and opens the gate after the noisy pedals. The end result is dead silence with precision triggering.
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        I had the NS2 and both the pedal Decimator and the rackmount version. The NS2 did everything the ISP did just as good, if not better at a fraction of the price.

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