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Overdrive for a silverface twin?

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  • Overdrive for a silverface twin?

    Looking for an overdrive to compliment the songs in my sig. I run through a '74 twin with a strat and an AVRI JM. Not looking to drop a huge amount of money, less than or equal to $150 would be best. I'd also be interested in building a kit with upgraded parts.


    Any suggestions?


    Also, how do I become purple?!

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    • Urinate Forever
      Urinate Forever commented
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      I'd try a rat. silverface amps are kindly ice-y aren't they?

    • xrleroyx
      xrleroyx commented
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      I've been thinking about buying up a few of these and trying my hand at modding.

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    I use an MXR Classic OD with my silverface twin.  Works really well with a strat.  $30 new when they were sold at GC, you'd have to find one on the used market.


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      I used a Rat and SD-1 when I had a SFTR.


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        Marshall Guv'nor Mk1 worked well with my Silverface.  You can also use the loop on it to switch channels on the amp if you like.

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        • bjcarl
          bjcarl commented
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          flanging_fred wrote:

          Marshall Guv'nor Mk1 worked well with my Silverface.  You can also use the loop on it to switch channels on the amp if you like.

          This is a great suggestion.  Personally, I drank the kool aid a long time ago and I'm perfectly happy with my Bad Monkey-for the price, it's a pretty safe experiment.