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  • NTx2D

    New Tele x2 day!



    Picked up a pair of american standard teles this weekend for a good price. sold off my mexican road worn tele. Huge improvement imo. the blonde one is from '97, almost vintage these days and burst is a '09 i believe.

    i think i'll keep the blonde one and put a black pickguard on it for maximum sexies. sell the burst. the burst supposedly has texas specials in it, but I honestly can't hear too much of a difference between the two and the older blonde just feels built better.

    also grabbed an Empress Superdelay to check out and flip, and a T-rex roommate tube reverb to flip that i never really gassed for but it is actually very nice. anyone want either?

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    Nice score man. Did you buy the guitars as a package deal or something? I love Teles as they are so simple yet versatile at the same time.

    I'm interested in the Roommate.
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    • macadood
      macadood commented
      Editing a comment

      been looking for a US tele and just happened that two popped up for a good talked down price, jumped on them fast. Figured i'd play around with both, keep the one i liked better.


      get at me for that Trex! if i didnt already have a blue sky and a dub a dub on the way and rv-3, i'd love to keep it. even now it'll be hard to let go of, but i honestly have no use for it. plus the chorus mode on mode 4 is actually real nice.

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    somebody call the cops

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