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  • solutions for custom length cables

    So I finally put together a "proper" (pedaltrain pro) board (after touring for 10+ years with a plywood plank) and am still kind of in the stage of hooking it up. It seems my cable lengths are a bit "off," with some too long (between pedals) and others not long enough (from one "row" to the next). I used to have george l's and really hated them. Are there any other solutions out there? 

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    If you have an old cable that is similar in diameter to what you want to use, take that for measuring purposes.  Take the cable ang point to point or jack to jack to find your lengths for the patch cables.  The cable will give you the proper length as well as compensate for bends in a proper manner to give you a more accurate measurement of your patch cables.Measuring jack to jack is more accurate and once you trim the ends of the cable, it should still retain the length needed for the patches, since most plogs and their solder point is just slightly less of where the plug solder points actually terminate.

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      i been dragin' round a 15 year ol' board w/15 year ol' george l cable inserted into multiple'sd', and viola...

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    Those new Lavas that came out, the Lava Plug CX. Get the kit and order the extra jacks, they're affordable.
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      Just solder your own.


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        Canare GS-4 Cable, Switchcraft or Neutrik plugs and Radioshack soldering kit. Done and Done.
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          Yea it's worth learning to solder for this alone.