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Did all the efx guys migrate to a different forum?

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  • Did all the efx guys migrate to a different forum?

    Like the amp forum did? If so, can I know where?

    Originally Posted by decode6

    Way to go primeholy, you've just killed Independent George.

    Originally Posted by Arpanoid

    I was meditating on the finer things of life and then I realized that PrimeHoly is the god of this forum. For real. no troll.

    Originally Posted by eudaimonia02912

    Just think: There must be thread ideas that pop in Charveldan's head, but which, after some thought, he rejects and decides not to post. Imagine how bizarre those ideas must be, if they don't even meet Charveldan's standards.

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    TGP, ILF


    • Lou Speed's Alt
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      TGP? lol. ain't no kudos over there.

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    What are these "efx" of which you speak? (umm, how do we make clickable links in sigs?)Deals: Tron Murphy, hangwire, renula, AimmarCair, Urinate Forever, ck3Kudos'd


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      xhcfx, offsetguitars, tgp. Anything is better than this now.
      Test Tech Wattson Classic ElectronicsEL KABONG wrote: I turned down $25 grand cash for gay sex.


      • conky
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        I still have hope for this place, but lately its been sucking. I started posting over at ILF because the forums there aren't dead. I hope this place returns to its past coolness soon.

      • akapuli
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        You must be kidding. After setting all the options according to my preferences, I don't really understand any of the complaints.

        Some can even put .gifs in their signature

      • TomVanDeven
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        echodeluxe wrote:
        Anything is better than this now.

        Yup, very true.

        The select few of us got in after the switchover on the Facebook group, but its been weird since its everyones actual names and not forum handles so its next to impossible to tell whos who. So that's since kind of fizzled.

        **************** forums, especially this one lately. The hotshots here are lapping up these kudos/contributor titles like a ****************ing infant sucking milk from its mother. I will admit though, its kind of nice to go back to TGP and relive the old format. Feels like home, even though the community there is a little too uptight for me.

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        Everyone's at peen playing arcade games.

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      Why do Canadians hate kudos so much?