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Torn on multi-FX pedal, seeking advice


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  • Torn on multi-FX pedal, seeking advice

    Hey everyone,

    I was hoping to get a little advice on multi-FX units, and specifically the Boss me-70. I've been researching and looking around at various pedals for the last few days, but just can't seem to find one that suits me. 


    First off, let me say that I was leaning toward the me-70 because of it's simplicity of usage and the fact that I'm emphasizing the effects over modeling. I like that you can just shut off the preamp modeling on the me-70. The HD500 looks cool, for example, but I've got a TSL100 stack that I love the tone of, so it's not crucial for me to have all kinds of modeling options. I do plan on playing through headphones though sometimes, so I like the availability of some amp modeling of course.

    Here's where I hit a snag: the Boss me-70 appears to have no capability of running certain effects in front of the preamp, and some behind it. This leaves me with the two options of running the entire unit in one of the two locations. 

    Scenario A: I run the whole unit through the FX loop. My concern here is that if I use distortion on the me-70, that's going into the FX loop, post preamp. The wah pedal would also be post-preamp and distortion, which I've heard isn't totally ideal. 

    Scenario B: I run it all out front. Now the problem I have here, is that I've got my modulation and timing effects out front, rather than in the loop. Since I'll be playing on the lead channel of my TSL100, that means all my modulation and delay, etc. will be situated prior to some distortion. 

    In the past I've been using a tube screamer as my standalone distortion pedal, and may continue to do this once I have a multi-FX. I'm not sure if this could help remedy my situation, or be yet another hinderance. 

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    I would go with the PODHD.

    You have far more effects, better quality, more flexibility and better functionality.

    If you don't need the amp models, just don't use them.

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      +1 for the Pod.  I've had my HD500 for almost two years, and I am still getting better tones every time I get into editing my patches.  

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    I would keep looking... you have a ton of options:


    1 Zoom G3 - For $169 you get everything, fx, amp modelling (you can turn it off), headphone out, drum machine, looper, and record straight to your PCMac

    2. L6 M9 - ton of fx and dirt, plus looper, and very gig friendly

    3. L6 M13 - same FX and dirt, but you can use in the FX loop and on the floor... 4 cable method


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      Lately i've been thinking of just getting all the factor pedals.  Not really a mutli FX but kind of.  I have a list as long as my... of individual pedals i want and i'm quite sure that 95% of the sound exist within the Eventide factor series.


      For what its worth i didn't like the line6 M9 when i had it, i took advantage of the stores return policy within days of purchasing.  Obviously i'm the minority though.  

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      chrisjnyc wrote:

      3. L6 M13 - same FX and dirt, but you can use in the FX loop and on the floor... 4 cable method

      If size doesn't concern you, I'd go with this. Run the preamp in the loop. And it's just effects, no modeling. It also has a looper, and best of all it has "latch scene mode" so you can have multiple effects turn on and off with one tap. It's very user friendly.

      The four cable method is commonly referred to as "4CM" if you go searching it, just so ya know. :robotwink:

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    Thanks everybody for the advice. I'm taking a closer look now at the GT100. The Line 6 M13 looks interesting, but I do want to have some modeling options available for direct in recording and practicing with headphones. I like having an expression pedal built in too. The POD seems interesting, but it's almost too many bells and whistles for me. Hmm maybe the GT100 is actually the way to go...


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      The other thing I didn't like about HD 500 was the ground loop noise. I had to run NS2 between my amp and HD. The GT has S/R loop ground lift switch built in. Another thing I liked about GT is 1/4 jack input for your amps channel switch. L6 you gotta use midi. I will tell you the amp sims don't sound as good right off bat. You need to turn down sensitivity to at least -10dB. I got mine set @ -14dB. Defiantly improves sound. Factory setup is pretty hot. If you need any help just shoot me pm if you end getting one.

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    FWIW, the TSL unlike the DSL has a parallel loop that sounds atrocious with the 4CM.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's true.
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      Tom is absolutely right.  You want your signal in your loop 100% wet.  If your using parallel loop its going to sound like absolute ****************!