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Zoom G3 vs Multistomp

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  • Zoom G3 vs Multistomp

    Anyone tried both the G3 and the Ms50MS100? Do  the fxamp models sound the same? I know they dont have exactly the same list of models... but how does the multi stomp sound?

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    The high gain settings on the Multistomp can be a bit noisy, but overall the multistomp is a pretty cool little box.  I can't really compare it to the G3 as I have never had a G3 in my shop for long enough for me to get to fool around with it, even though I've sold a few of them.  The multistomp is an awful good deal for $99, for sure. - Help keep music education in your local schools!


    • chrisjnyc
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      Yea, same for the G3. High gain amp models are noisy. I figure its the same guts in a smaller form factor, but wanted to see if anyone has AB tested them. I am a big fan of the tape echo on the G3 and might get the multi stomp just for that one effect

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    Yes, the G3 can also be noisy ONLY IF you use the super high gain models such as the BZ DRIVE, EXTREME DIST.. etc... that's the reason why there's a Noise Reduction which I believe works very very well. You can't beat a Zoom for the price and sounds it can make!


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    • Jon Hiller
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      The quality of modeling you get at the price point they put them at is quite amazing, for sure.  the multistomp could qualify for "stupid deal of the day" at regular price, just because of bang for the buck.