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Boutique effects pedals Top 10 ?

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  • Boutique effects pedals Top 10 ?

    What would be your top 10 boutique effects pedal manufacturers and why ?

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    Can't think of more than 5 off the top of my head that I think highly of:





    Dr Scientist

    Based on inovation, overal quality, pure awesomness, bangforthebuckness, or a combination of those things


    • 1001gear
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      Ethos OD

      Hermida Zendrive 2

      Mad Professor Amber Overdrive

      Weehbo JMP drive

      Weehbo Morbid drive

      Catalinbread/Zvex and some others' Marshall emulations

      They all sound and act amazing - per youtube of course; like the amps they emulate. This list of overdrives could go to 50 prolly but these are my current faves.

      What I actually own: Fultone Fulldrive2 Mosfet. I'm in way over my head with just this one but it does everything I try. lol

      The original TC Chorus and that's about it for me.

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    Everyone else...

    ******For Sale*******ZVEX SHODanelctro Cool Cat Chorus


    • bieke
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      ZVex - nice pedals

      Foxrox - nice pedals

      Catalinbread - nice pedals

      Lovetone - nice pedals

      Skreddy - nice pedals

      D*A*M - nice pedals

      Paul Trombetta - nice pedals

      Eartquaker Devices - nice pedals

      Empress - nice pedals

      Pigtronix - nice pedals


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    blackout effectors


    • Phil O'Keefe
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      EarthQuaker Devices




      I'll add more in a little bit, as well as my reasons for each.


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    Based on my experience...

    Basic Audio-  have Scarab Deluxe, considering Futureman

    Black Arts- have Pharaoh, considering Black Forest

    CMAT Mods- have Deluxe Signa Comp & Ratified

    Mojo Hand- have Colossus

    Subdecay- have Liquid Sunshine, considering Quantum Quasar

    Foxrox- have Zim

    Analogman- have TS9 Silver

    all these pedals are of great quality IMO and I can recommend them.

    Other builders I have liked:



    Tortuga (expensive but man does their chorus and phaser sound awesome in demos)

    Paul C. (Has anyone done more with one pedal? Never actually tried one but I have a TOD and assuming the Timmy is even slightly better then I get it)



    Fender American Deluxe Strat HSS/ Fender American Standard Tele>PT PRO: PTD Mini-Bone> VFE Enterprise V.2> Xotic Sp Compressor> MojoHand Rook> Arc Klone V.2> MojoHand Colossus> CMATmods Ratified> Catalinbread DLS MKIII> Timmy> Turbo Tuner> EVH Flanger> Digitech EX-7> Line6 M5> Tech21 Blonde> Zoom G3>> MixerPT2: EVH Phase90> Analogman TS9 Silver> Proco WFRAT RI> Basic Audio Scarab Deluxe> Black Arts Black Forest> TC Nova Drive> Ibanez CS-9> Korg DT-10> Line 6 M5>> Digitech Timebender>> Hardwire RV-7>> Roland JC-160GOOD DEALS!!- mark_5106


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      Dr. Scientist is always a fun guy to deal with, and I love his pedals. I also love stuff from Klon, Paul C, Strymon, and EHX, and whenever I've talked to those people they've always been super cool too. DMB pedals I've only ever tested the Lunar Echo, but it's great, and Michael is a stand up dude. He replaced me in the band I was in back in Nashville haha.

      To sum up, all pedal builders are cool, at least the ones I've had the pleasure of dealing with.


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        Janglebox.....Anyone? Anyone?


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          Phil recently introduced me to Molten Voltage. The CV Sync has opened up a whole new world for me. So I am putting Molten Voltage at the top of my list.

          The Fulltone TTE is a work of art. The only downside to it is that I want to use it all the time even when the song doesn't call for it.

          The Carl Martin OctaSwitch doesn't get enough love from me because I'm not gigging now, and in my little studio there isn't as much need to keep a pedalboard set up. But when I do use it nothing else compares.

          The Pigtronix Keymaster allows me to amplify and record my Fender Rhodes Jetson Student model. I haven't even scratched the surface of all the possibilities of this pedal. I also love the Attack Sustain and the Mothership. Both are very unique and powerful.

          The ZVex LFLJ is another pedal that I wish I could use all the time. The only feature that would make it more useful to me would be a CV trigger so I could sync the loop somehow. And the Fuzz Factory is a classic. Nothing else compares.

          I just recently picked up a Voodoo Labs Amp Selector. It is amazingly versatile, and useful for all kinds of studio functions. Worth every penny.

          Lastly, a shoutout to Effectrode for the Phaseomatic Deluxe. Tube modulation at it's finest, and a perfect companion to the EHX Wiggler.

          On my boutique wishlist is the Cusack Tap-A-Whirl. I would love to have a trem that could sync to the EHX Clockworks thru the Molten Voltage CTRL- Sync.
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