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Who here gigs with a multi-effects unit?


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  • Who here gigs with a multi-effects unit?

    Just wondering who here gigs with a multi-effects unit?  Which one and how does it sound live?

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    I have gigged with a M9 for about 3 years... It sounds pretty good in the mix.

    I did use my Zoom G3 for a small gig, it was OK, but I don't plan to use it for any more gigs.

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      Been using a Boss GT-8 for seven  years now, done something like 130 gigs with it. I used to hook it up with the 4CM but now I just plug into the amps effects return. I'm happy with the tones I get out of it. With the 4CM the sound was better but the amp I'm currently using only has one channel and the GT-8 serves mainly as a traditional pedal board rather than multi effect unit if you know what I mean.

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      • AXEL276
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         I've been using a Digitech 2120 rack processor for 12 years. Before that I used a Digitech GSP 21 for about 10 years. I gave up on stomp boxes in the '80's. It got to the point that I was added boxes to compensate for boxes. Every time you add a box you add loss and noise. At gigs, suddenly my sound would go out and I'd be down on my knee wiggling plugs and wires trying to figure out which stomp box wire came out. I get everything I need from a good processor.

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        I used an M13 for a qhile. The drives sounded decent. I didnt like the tape delays, thought htey sounded "tinny" at high volume, I didnt really use anything else so I sold it.

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      I use the Zoom B3 at the end of my chain.  I like having the looper/amp sims/delay/verb/vibrato at the end of my regualar board.  Sounds great to me and I have had no problems out of it.  



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        I've used a Line6 PodXt Live for years.  Sounds good enough.  Sure there's better stuff out there but for me it works in my rock cover band.  Plus it has a volume pedal, and amp sims in case my Mini Rectifier dies during a gig.

        I did use an M13 for a while but those switches are shaky and I had an issue with reliability.

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          I use a Boss GT-3, a Line 6 M9 and a bunch of stand alone stomp boxes. I love having a big orchestral sound and a large pallet of sounds to work from. I also run a stereo rig. The GT-3 is the last in the chain because it has a really nice ping-pong delay, amony other great features.

          I've been using the GT-3 for over ten years. Are there better sounding delay and modulations stomps out there? Sure, but being able to turn four or five effects on simultaneously is worth it to me. I've also have become adept at programing the expression pedal to do lots of nutty things.

          I don't use either of my multi's for overdrive or distortion. I run the effects straight into the front of my two clean amps. Works great for me. Sounds amazing in the little dive bars where I gig.

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          Never gigged, but i too give another kudos to the m9. TVD approved, and HE gigs! what more can you ask

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        i have an HD500, but i don't use the drives on it. i run it into my boogie dc-5, throwing the delays in the loop and the rest into the front.

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