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I want an EMS Synthi HiFli


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    Thanks! That's an album I've been meaning to pick up for a very long time, but I keep forgetting about it when I'm out vinyl shopping.

    he used it a bit on
    Selling England By The Pound
    but not much

    I think his guitar work
    with his
    Sheraton Duo Fuzz (super fuzz)
    Tone Bender
    Vol Pedal
    is better on 'Selling'

    but there is more
    hi fli
    on 'Lamb'
    which is also great
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      its cool bt im not big on analog synths.

      i experimented with them b4, had a few, but never warmed to them
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        its cool bt im not big on analog synths.

        i experimented with them b4, had a few, but never warmed to them

        How can you not? I have 6 of them... 1 tab plus a night in...

        Brian Eno used the VCS3 in roxy music and on 'Here come the warm jets'

        They're just miming (TOTP) ...but check it at 2:15

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          i would love an EMS synthi a more than anything ever

          it was so ahead of its time in terms of size and patching capability

          I mean look at the vcs3 compared to what moog and a Buchla were putting out at the time it stacks up well!

          its kind of like a buchla musical easel
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            If anyone wants to hear more use of the Synthi Hi Fli, its worth checking out the work of Tony McPhee of a band called The Groundhogs.

            He is the founder of the group and used the Hi Fli a lot in the 70's on these three albums :-
            Solid, Cross-Cut Saw and Black Diamond.

            There is also a live version of Soldier recorded about 1974 (lasts 15mins 3 secs) where he blasts out some really good sounds from this unit.


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              Hackett used it on the Trick of the Tail album and tour also. I got to see one at The Musical Box show in NYC this spring, Francois the guitarist has the exact Hackett setup (with hand made SUPA and SUPER fuzz pedals!). You can see the Synthi's control pedals on the top left).

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                The designer David Cockerell is a genius!

                I was blown away by how you could hear similarities in the filtering of the Synthi and the Electro-Harmonix MircoSynth.
                You really can hear his work!
                Thats why I did the EHX Pink Floyd video.


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                  That a really good sound on video, I also have EHX Micro synth and Boss GT8 - I quite often have the synth in the send/return ext loop other time just on it owns and like the sound.

                  Have you seen :-

                  David Walter Mohr - EMS Synthi Hi Fli Youtube videos


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                    Youtube link for Soldier with hi fli solo -



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                      i believe the story is that the hi-fli singlehandedly almost bankrupted ems.

                      lol i love products that do this.

                      never seen an actual synthi pic... that vintage white on silver thing is juicy
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                        not mine oh boy oh boy $3,500.00!!!!

                        http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/EMS-Synthi-Hi-Fli_W0QQitemZ200390694815QQcmdZViewItemQQptZKeyboa rds_MIDI?hash=item2ea837579f&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14# ht_500wt_924
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                          mmmmm.....VCS3 is a dream synth of mine that i have never owned.

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                            i know i saw that!
                            it's going to go for something more ridiculous than that too.
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                              mmmmm.....VCS3 is a dream synth of mine that i have never owned.

                              if I sold all my gear bar my amp and one guitar I could just about swing a synthi A

                              I have genuinely considered doing this
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                                I wouldn't mind having it either - well out of my range.

                                I think its earlier model of synthi - no growl switch on top right but nice none the less.