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  • NAD.


    Boom.1973(ish?) Silverface Champ.

    Got it from a fellow HC'er (thanks Martin!) and it's near mint and original other than the power cord. It even had what appears to be the original cover! Sounds really great for a small low wattage practice amp for testing pedals and general noodling - add it to the keeper pile for sure.  

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    Nice amp........I love mine. Mine came with a busted speaker so I put a Weber in there and it sounds great.

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    Yeah, it's a 1979.

    Glad it made the trip safely.  I had it for a long time and I loved it but I needed to make room for some different gear.

    Dime it and enjoy.

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      Doh! My bad.

      Thanks again!

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    Clean ass Champ there. HNAD!
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    Good deals (70+!)


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      HNAD Aaron!