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Looking for a new (used) delay - TC Flashback any good?

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  • Looking for a new (used) delay - TC Flashback any good?

    Hiya - I'm looking to pick up a delay pedal primarily for use with my church band, where I'm running an SG through my Fender Silverface Pro Reverb. I'll also want to run it through my JCA50H effects loop on occasion. 

    I've got a line on a used TC Flashback, which looks pretty cool, and has a looper feature that I'm also kind of interested in. I'm wondering how they compare to the other commonly used ones out there, or if any of you can recommend a better alternative. My budget is in the $100 - $130 range.

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    If that was my budget, I'd probably get the flashback. Especially with the new fingerprint editor coming out.

    Though if you could find a dd7 for that price, it wouldn't be a bad choice either.


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      I'm not sure there is a better pedal out there for the price although YMMV. It has a crystal clear sound, stellar features include the 2290, tape and modulation settings. Plus it has the dotted 8ths /16ths setting. It won't overwhelm your natural sound.
      Downside - the footswitch isn't the best and it gets through a 9V very fast.