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Where are BBE pedals made?!?


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  • Where are BBE pedals made?!?

    I dont see anything on them about made in china (the adapter is, but).

    Are they USA made and it seems the chips inside are done by them as well.

    Can anyone confirm this? thx J
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    OTHERWORLDLY. Psychedelic, Noise, Shoegaze.Joey Levenson on SoundCloud


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      I even took some time to dig around their website yesterday...couldn't find anything!!

      They're "located" in California, but that's their "headquarters," not necessarily where they're made.
      They've also got offices in Tokyo, Korea, China, and Europe.

      "Sony, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Philips and many others, feature BBE technologies in products such as televisions, mobile phones, car audio and personal audio systems."
      So BBE is bigger than I realized and does a lot of "licensing." Wonder if they make their pedals, license them to some other company, or if they are branded BBE...but who knows where they're made?


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        They have a music division headquarters in the building across the street from the old fender factory (currently the G&L factory) in fullerton, ca.
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          Good question. No place of manufacture on the pedal, box or instructions. Hmmm...
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            i looked around as well. nothing. no markings on the box or anything. If it was MIC, wouldnt they have to say that. Dont most things MIC? Im wondering if the chips are homegrown in the US by BBE?
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              They are designed in Cal. and manufactured in China unfortunately, I have contacted BBE.  It could be the reason for the heavy industrial (or as some people havereferred to on YT toxic ) smell of the rubber base, during my years in QC for a technology company we noticed this is the usual case with a lot of parts from China. 

              Here is the e-mail response to your question.

              All of the BBE line of pedals are designed here in the US by our engineer and manufactured in China. If you have any further questions please email me back. 

              BBE/G&L Guitars
              5381 Production Dr.
              Huntington Beach Ca. 92649
              714-897-6766 ex.116


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                Yeah if they're not writing it all over the box then you can assume China as default.

                You dont go looking for USA in fine print. That goes for pretty much anything.

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              More like assembled in the usa now...but latina women??
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