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  • In case you were wondering...

    I still have to ****************ing reset my password every time I want to log in to this place. Hence the reason I'm never around. I tell you if they were in the customer support biz around here..... ah never mind **************** it I'm outta here but no one will probably see this as every one else left this high quality forum they have going on here. Rant over! See ya!
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    Originally Posted by woolyh

    I thought in the States if someone comes in your home uninvited your legally allowed to kill them to death

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    Keep bumping your thread in the feedback forum?  PM a "community manager"?  I dunno what to tell ya.  I haven't heard of this happening to anyone else.  You ain't realy missing much here.  Kudos were cool for a little bit but now they're kinda played out.

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      I can't leave, the new log in every time you visit feature is ultra captivating.

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    are you sure you're not just seeing the sticky/header whatever that says you need to reset? that's just there as a message to everyone, I see it all the time but it doesn't actually require me to reset. have you tried just ignoring it and using the forum as usual?

    on the other hand, constantly being forced into the ****************ty mobile mode every time I come to this place on my phone is annoying as ****************.
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      We'll miss you?