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Amps, intermittently cutting, popping, and buzzing out till I turn it off and back on...HELP


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  • Amps, intermittently cutting, popping, and buzzing out till I turn it off and back on...HELP

    My Hot Rod Deville is cutting out with a loud buzz and not passing signal, and intermittently popping here and there. It'll play for a while, then cut to a loud buzz and not pass signal until I turn it off and back on again and its fine for a while.

    Whats the deal? I just retubed it a few weeks ago, and rebiased, rechecked bias yesterday and its looking good. Current amp knowledge spent. Learn me up some amp knowledge please.


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    I give all the tubes another tap w/chopstick, and never rule out speaker fatigue... idk

    changes come w/ the whether...


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      It certainly could be the tubes, but Hot Rod Devilles (and Hot Rod Deluxes) have a few other weak links that can cause problems like this. One of the main issues can be the 5 Watt resistors next to the bias adjustment pot, which have a tendency to get too hot and desolder themselves from the board or lift their traces from the board, which can cause intermittent noises and losses of volume.


      They also have a handful of resistors in the phase inverter section that have a tendency to open up, and a few resistors on the power tubes can go out, too. If those go, though, the amp usually won't make any sound, or will just produce a very quiet, very distorted sound.


      Another possibility would be dirty pre-amp out/power-amp in jacks. They're shorting jacks, so if they get too dirty or oxidized, they don't make proper contact. You can try throwing a short patch cable between those jacks and see if that fixes things.


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        damn, thanks for the info dude. I'll have to open it her up again and check it out. I guess I was leaning towards something associated with the tubes since Ive been in there recently and I havent had a problem with it until then. Although I didnt have a problem until I had it at a show, so is it possible something loose got looser?