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    Okay there used to be a delay lounge, but somehow that died and now i can't find it. This lounge is not going to die. In fact, it's going to beat the fuzz lounge

    That's right. We are going to have useful delay info. Reviews, photos, info on analog...digital, looping delay. Everything. This is going to be numero uno baby! Send in your delay reviews and comments here!

    BOSS DM2 ($150)
    This is the red 80's and is the prized vintage analog delay. Very nice sounding delay imo. Will self oscillate. Limit to 400 msec. I find this delay sound good with clean and with distortion. Simplicity at it's finest.

    DOD FX90 ($60)
    Very similar to the DM2, but darker sounding. Will self oscillate like crazy if you want and even more than the DM2. Because it does alot of dark, i didn't find this to sound as good with distortion. The fidelity seems less than the dm2.

    BOSS DD5 ($100)
    All digital. Not much to say. It's clean. I thought it sounded good, with more options. Will reverse delay. Will do a nice ping-pong delay.

    AKAI HEADRUSH E2 ($170)
    All digital. This is nice. Has 5 outputs. 1 is a mixed output. The other 4 for each of the tape echo sim heads. The echo is very nice. Can simulate a convinceing analog sound with the high frequency roll off. The delay can be varied in different patterns. Will function as a loop recording.

    EHX 16 SECOND DELAY ($440)
    All digital. It's main function is not a delay but a looper. However will do convincing analog type delays up to 1 seconds. The delay can be modulated with the depth and sweep knobs. True bypass btw.

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    ok as soon as i am done with my paper, i am coming back in here.


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      Ibanez DML-10:

      Digital Modulation Delay. Awesome pedal, the second in the series of three (DML, DML-10, and DML-20). The DML had just over a half second of delay time, the DML-10 has about 900ms, and the DML-20 has just over a second. With six control knobs, there are awesome tweaking capabilities: 1) Time range selector, 2) Delay time within that range, 3) Repeats, 4) Delay level, 5) Modulation depth, 6) Modulation speed

      Warm-sounding, and the added modulation gives a great analog feel. You can also dial in as much chorus (4 - 16 ms delay time) or flange (1 - 4 ms) as you want. In these cases, the knobs act as regeneration, blend, depth, and speed.


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        Hello there!

        Digitech PDS1000 - three delay ranges with a maximum of 1000ms of old style lo fi 8 bit digital delay. Plus the famous PDS Hold switch for non-static looping. Wet and dry outs. Bought it new back in the 80's. It died on me about 2 years ago.

        Digitech PDS8000 Echo Plus - all that and 8 seconds of delay. Made famous by Kevin Shields and Robert Fripp. Sold mine on Ebay at the peak for a ...

        Maneco Nanolooper 32 - 3 delay ranges, up to 32 seconds of delay time. Three tone settings - lofi, regular, and digital. Like the PDS delays the Nano will give you smooth pitch shifting, but unlike the PDS the Nano will let you switch between the time ranges without losing your delay, also does reverse, has non-volatile looping, a remote switch for reverse and 32 SECONDS OF DELAY!!! The lofi delays are gritty, the digital is crisp, and the regular is quite warm (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). Plus it will self oscillate.

        Ibanez DE7 - the first "modern" delay I bought after the PDS8000. What was that, about 15 years between delays? Anyway - up to 2600 ms of delay, an excellent analog sim, plus a crisp digital delay. Again with the 3 time ranges, no tone controls. Two outs. Self oscillation in analog mode is killer. The switches on the early models were very glitchy. I hear the newer models are better. Mine died in a horrible True Bypassing accident.

        Arion SAD-1 stereo analog delay, up to 330 ms of delay. Self oscillates quite well. Sounds great! You can set the outs for one wet and one dry or both wet. I have had five of these, sold two. They all sounded exactly alike, excellent.

        Rocktek ADR-01 Super Delay - analog delay, good, not great. Will do close to 300 ms, but sounds best with shorter delay times. Maxing the feedback gets real "boingy."

        DOD FX90 - analog delay, simple, 3 controls, good sound, will SO. Can be a bit dark.

        DOD FX96 - analog delay, has added "Tape Quality" tone knob. Will roll the tone off to mud when maxed. Will SO. The original ads claimed 800 ms of delay. No way. Maybe 400 ms on its best day.

        Carl Martin DeLayla - analog delay. Up to 500 ms of delay. Built in power supply. Can get a whistle at maximum delay time. Tap function has nothing to do with tap tempo. Simulates the sound of a multi-head tape delay. This is an excellent sounding delay that gets little or no respect. The new DeLayla XL is pure digital.

        Korg 301dl Dynamic Delay - two presets, maximum delay time of 1000ms, lots of tone shapers - hi-cut, lo-cut, hi-damp, lo-damp, also has ducking. Will do great slapback with a pre-delay that mimics the DeLayla Tap function, except you get to vary the time delay of the second beat. Will also do great trailing echoes like Steve Miller "Fly Like an Eagle" and Gilmour stuff. Another underrated delay unit. Some noise issues - you must set the input to match your pups.

        Digitech PDS 20/20 - all the functions of the PDS1000 with up to 2 seconds of delay PLUS modulation. Set a loop and then twiddle the mod width and time for cycles of wild pitch shifting. Fiddle with the trim pots and get up to 14 seconds of lo fi delay. Cool machine!!

        Boss DD20 - all around Swiss Army Knife delay. 23 seconds of delay. Static looping, reverse, modulation, stereo, analog and tape sims. Sounds good to great. Nice the easiest learning curve, but not too bad. I'm loving the modulated delay at about 170 ms right now. Sweet.
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          Can anyone compare the reverse delay on a maneco looper to that of a DL-4 or DD-6? (I have a DL_4 and DD-6 now, and prefer the DL-4's reverse).



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              don't be suck a teaser!
              Give us a detailed review


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                Korg SDD-3000

                As used by The Edge of U2. Think "Where The Streets Have No Name", "With Or Without You".

                This is the warm and natural sounding digital delay out there. I always wondered why until someone I know opened one up and he found about 30 of those JRC4558 chips that give the Ibanez TS-808's their mojo.

                There's a +4 db output boost that The Edge and Daniel Lanois always keep on. The extra gain hitting a tube amp sounds sweet and alone is worth the price of admission.

                Up to 1023 ms delay time. Has modulation - what makes this special is that the modulation is applied to the delayed tone only.



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                  You used to have a:

                  I miss it.


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                    Originally posted by SUPER VELCROBOY
                    This lounge is not going to die. In fact, it's going to beat the fuzz lounge


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                      Originally posted by SUPER VELCROBOY
                      ... it's going to beat the fuzz lounge


                      Visual Sound H2O - Like 2 pedals in 1. Left side Chorus and right side echo. Chorus is analog whereas echo is digitally analog voiced. Echo channel has 3 knobs - repeat, rate n delay level n a short/long switch. Short echo can achieve close to reverbish sounds. Echo doesnt go into oscillation and is pretty subtle and crisp, great for its transparency.

                      Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man - What can I say.. my favourite delay so far. Can get decent delays to over the top weird ass stuff.. very warm analog sounding n the new issues are said to be true bypass. 5 knobs - level, blend, feedback, delay, chorus/vibrato n a chorus/vibrato switch. Tried it with a theremin n vocals n it works amazingly.. achieving nightmarish tones..

                      Ibanez DE7 - my first delay pedal.. loved the echo side not the delay though.. it's great for its price and with 2600ms delay time, there's so many things u can do with it. Oscillation is easily achieved with over 12 o clock repeats.. I mainly used this in my feedback loop now.

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                        Originally posted by Kestral
                        Korg SDD-3000



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                          i think the delayla XL is all analog.

                          as for me, i have a collection of maxon analog delay pedals. i have everything other than the new ad-999

                          i'm very happy with these pedals. occasionally i'll wish for the greater clarity of a digital delay, but overall i have an aversion to digital effects based on experience.
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                            Currently I'm using a Lexicon MPX500 for verbs and delay. I like it alot...very spacious, warm and tweakable.

                            I'm also digging the BOSS DD20. Very cool. Actually, I like it better than the Line 6 DL4. It really is a swiss army knife.

                            I am looking very hard at getting this:

                            1500 ms of all analog tape delay with low noise and lots of tweakability. I may get this tomorrow!

                            I've had the Guyatone MD3 and liked it. Nice bang for the buck. I also like the Line 6 DL4, except for the volume drop I was constantly struggling with on some of the presets.
                            I also had the Carl Martin Delayla. Cool pedal. Nice analog tone. Whines like a mutha on high delay settings, but otherwise pretty cool.

                            Another very neat dealy pedal is the Yamaha UD99. 8 Individual delay lines that you can link or combine in all sorts of strange and wonderful ways. Lush. Tweaker's delight.
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                              First page!

                              Line 6 DL-4 - the standard. You can't go wrong here, there's something for everyone. A real workingman's delay, it can cover normal sounding digital delays, believable analogs, reverse, ducking, musically timed, and this crazy-ass "sweep" thing that will probably go down in history. Hell, the 16-second looper is gravy!

                              Boss PS-3 - decent, but if you're using the delay you're missing the point...

                              Gemini Echorder - basic half-rack delay, sells for about $15. Self-oscillates like mad, but no real character.

                              Digitech PDS-1002 - haven't plugged it in yet What kind of adaptor does this need? Will my Godlyke power it?
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