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Boss FW3 (foot wah) for Britpop/Britrock

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  • Boss FW3 (foot wah) for Britpop/Britrock

    Someone offers me Boss FW3 (foot wah) for $30
    Is it worth the money ?
    I'm playing Britpop/rock music such as oasis, shed seven, supergrass, suede, Bluetones seahorses, Stone roses, etc.
    How do you think if it's compare to Behringer hellbabe (because the range of the price is the same),Vox V845, Vox v847A, or a Cry baby by Dunlop.
    Does it has a wide range ?

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    $30? Buy it. You can always recoup if you don't like it. The others are common and easy to purchase.


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      ANY boss pedal is worth $30 even the cheapest ds-1 and whatever else are worth that much, much less a fw-3

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    You forgot Menswe@r

    Cry Babys can be found used for about $30 easily. Boss are solid (having owned many thru the years) but eventually meh....

    Man, I miss those Brit bands of the 90s. It was a golden age. Couldnt keep up with all the stuff coming out.

    Bluetones - Forgot about them! The guitar playing on the debut is fantastic. Gonna dig it out...

    Go to 1:15



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      OTHERWORLDLY. Psychedelic, Noise, Shoegaze.Joey Levenson on SoundCloud