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Green Russian Muff clones

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  • Green Russian Muff clones

    Who makes a good green russian muff?


    I know Arc has one,  EQD Hoof is another...


    What else is out there?

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    hoof is muff based but it is certainly not a clone. definitely got it's own thing going. the arc efffects one looks amazing and the demos are killer. i believe stomp under foot makes russian muff clones and wren and cuff make some incredible clones of various muffs.  i would like to get their box of war some day (the civil war muff clone).


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      SUF or W&C


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        Get the ARC, obvs.
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        • AimmarCair
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          The ARC one seems spectacular. I can't really justify dirts that are over

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        Originally Posted by arthurdent'd

        Canadian politeness is not very rock-n-roll.


        • macadood
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          +1 to the musket.


          i just recently got the ARC Green Pi and it sounds great too, but i can get identical tones from the musket plus more knobs for more sounds. will probably keep both though, the ARC is too pretty :cat:

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        AimmarCair - ironically, skullservant's real tall font green muff was used in the making of mine. That is assuming you're talking about skullservant from ILF
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        • AimmarCair
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          YES AARON SS

          That guy is rad.

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        Made by Mike
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        • christianatl
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          The Musket didn't sound much like a green muff to me at all.