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Tax return pedal purchases?

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  • Tax return pedal purchases?

    I just ordered a T-Rex ToneBug Sustainer, a Nano Small Stone and some good patch cables.

    Nothing to fancy but I am happy.  So now my board will be...

    FuzzHugger Velcroar

    T-Rex ToneBug Sustainer

    EHX Nano Small Stone

    Boss TU3

    Ibanez FL9

    BBE TwoTimer

    ..Not sure of the order yet.

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    I'd love to track down a JHM3 that I wouldn't have to pawn a kidney for but I'm settling for Lovepedal Pickle Vibe. Just got an EH Pulsar tremolo that sounds great in my rig. So now it looks like this....

    Ernie Ball volume pedal>Boss BF-2 Flanger>Dunlop Cry Baby Classic>BYOC Armstrong Twin>MXR Dyna Comp>MXR Custom Badass Modified OD>EH Pulsar tremolo>MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay>MI Audio Crunch Box>TC Electronic Hall Of Fame reverb>TC Electronic Flashback delay/looper pedal.

    I've also got a Dunlop JD-4S Rotovibe but I've pulled that one off of the board because it's for sale.