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What are other countries policies on snow days?


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  • What are other countries policies on snow days?

    So, I'm in the North East of Amuricca, and we have, what is for us, a lot of snow. It's about a foot now and coming down a few inches an hour, and I have family getting called into work. It's very hard to see, the roads are icy, most cars dont have AWD, and a few towns don't even have the roads plowed. Everyone is staying home, but they have to go in anyway. My cousin posted a picture of him arriving at work...

    ...and then posted how terrifying his drive home was. This pisses me off. Me mums tires are shot, and if my GF crashed her car she'd completely lose her mind. For what? So I'm curious, how does it go down in other conutries? Is it the same deal? Do people take the bus more and it isn't an issue? Are they more hardcore and, like, play telephone pole salom and walk the rest of the way? Or are American bosses trecherous dictators sending their employees through a gaunlet to express their unrelenting authority? I need a stereotype to associate with my feelings. .png" alt=":smileytongue:" title="Smiley Tongue" />

    Also, I'm aware Candians and Alaskians drive through trecherous blizzards as a way of life. Anyone else? All twelve of you?

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    AWD / special tires are a non-issue for snow. Never had them in my life. 

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      Just another winter day here... 

      snow day... thats ****************ing funny. 

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    I can't recall ever having the need for a snow day down under...


    Occasional Heat Day where if it gets over a certain temperature school kids and people who work out doors get the day off.. thats probs the closest thing.

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      UK is pretty much, if its safe to get into work, try to.

      without a car and if buses aren't running i'm unfortunate enough to live within walking distance to work so pretty much have to make it.

      there's no way i'd drive in a foot of snow.

      but the american workplaces suck. you get about half the annual holiday entitlement of the UK and work longer hours from what i understand.
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        Took me two hours to dig out my driveway yesterday and in that time I helped nine cars get up my street as they were stuck... just another winter day!!!

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      Well, I grew up in Michigan. In school, I think we had more fog days than snow days. And I could never have used "too much snow" as an excuse to not go to work.  We had big tandems with plows in the front and salt pouring outta the back, so the main roads, and most of the side streets were ok.  I also have spent a nice chunk of my self-loathing in western/southern Oklahoma. Here it is a completely different story. If there is even snow in the forecast, they'll prepare ahead of time as if a major event is going to occur.  Everything closes. Government, schools, most retail stuff. Everything. They have no equipment to move the stuff. Practically zero. And the wind never stops blowing here. So, even if there is only two or three inches of snow, we'll get some decent sized drifts. It pretty much cripples the population around here. All twelve of us.

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        I'm just down here in NYC, I took a the day off. Though I work on commision, so it's no work/no pay. We have a manager who's from Boston and I was worried he was going to insist I come in, seeing that he's from a place that get's even more snow than New York does. But when I called in this moring he just said "have a happy snow day".

        I think these things vary from employer to employer. The little guy tends to get screwed by the rich man, and in this depression workers are a dime a dozen.