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Ever have a wall wart buzz like a flourescent light when you plug it in?

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  • Ever have a wall wart buzz like a flourescent light when you plug it in?

    Not talking about the signal.. talking about the wall wart itself.

    Fueling my closet love of 80s and 90s rack gear, I recently got a Lexicon Vortex on the cheepz, but no adapter.  Bought a 3rd party one.  

    Worked fine the first day.  Was gone to NYC for 2 days, came back and turned the power strip it was plugged into on, and it started buzzing.  Oddest thing ever.  Thought the damn thing was gonna blow up.  It was powering the unit just fine, and no extra audio noise in the signal chain, it's just that the wall wart itself has a buzz coming from it.

    Any thoughts?

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    Check that you don't have any cables, particularly audio, running near the power supply.

    Those things create quite a magnetic field that can induce buzzing in other gear if it's in close proximity.


    • AimmarCair
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      Ambient he means the wall wart itself is making an acoustic buzzing sound. I've had it with a fair few cheap chinese power supplies. IDK why.

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    Ah, gotcha. I wouldn't worry about it too much, maybe wrap a bit of tape around it or something.
    not to much though, you don't want it too hot.


    • lefort_1
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      Check to see if it is near a piece of ferrous metal (iron/steel, etc) . The magnetic field can grab onto nearby magnetic metals and shake... Also, switching power supplies that are about to blow will often put up a huge buzz.

      Do you have a lexan shield? Easy to make. Everything you need at Home Depot for under 20 bucks, and it keeps the shrapnel confined.