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New pedals at NAMM 2013


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    Ok, I finally finished my list of (278!!!) new or updated pedals for NAMM 2013:

    I also uploaded my videos (including some prototypes I didn't see elsewhere) and added them to the pedal pages, or you can find them in my YouTube account here:

    As I had some trouble with my video setup(*) I didn't make as many videos as I planned and they're not always as good as I wanted them to be. I have a few more, but there was too much noise on those.
    (* partially because of reading something in a manual after my setup was tested and working :-/)

    Conclusion: it was really a great show, I saw some great products (already ordered a few things online) and I met a lot great people there (especially Blake & Holly from Gearphoria!).
    Too bad that because of a few circumstances I couldn't enjoy it as much as I hoped. I ruined my feet really bad the day before the show (running for a plane with shoes that were not old enough to do that, after 1 day at the show 1 heel looked like a raw steak), getting sick (still coughing and struggling with some bugs now, 2 weeks later :-/), the camera trouble (so frustrating...) and when I arrived at home I saw our cat for a few seconds, then she disappeared for 11 days (but she's back now!). I hope to have better luck at Frankfurt Musikmesse (in 2 months) and also make more and better videos there ;-)

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