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    I never really considered one before. Now, maybe I might. I was looking at the new (not out yet I don't think) PRS SE Custom 24 7 string, and it seems kinda cool. Set up for a low B string - is this normally how 7 string guitars come? Never paid attention to them before.  Other affordable 7 string guitars out there I should look at? I know this is usually the heavier type guitars, Schecter, etc.

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    I believe ESP makes some 7 string models too. For those on a budget, so does Rondo.





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      B on the low string is standard.

      i'm suprised at the lack of Fender/Epiphone 7-strings that aren't aimed at the metal crowd.

      i'd like a 7-string, over a baritone, but don't want EMG or distortion-centric pickups.

      7-string hardtail Jazzmaster / 335 would be nice.

      weren't jazz guys using 7strings before Korn arrived?
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        Squier made a 7 string briefly during the nu-metal craze, but it was definitely a metal guitar.  I believe epiphone has made a 7 string before also, but again it was metal-oriented. 

        Besides the PRS, currently rondo, ibanez, schecter, esp and jackson are the only companies making budget 7 strings. 

        Jazz guys were playing 7 strings first.  Bendetto makes nice 7 string archtops.  I know several of them tune the low b to a. 

        The 7 string metal guitar as we know it was pioneered by Vai, but he originally wanted the 7th string to be a high string, higher than a high e.  They couldn't get it to work, the string kept breaking, so he went for the low B.  Similarly, Wes Borland had two high e's tuned in unison on his 7 strings, and the other strings were tuned as normal (though down a step and a half, IIRC).



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        guys guys guys guys

        go get a beater guitar, get a set of 7 string guitar strings, dont use the high e, widen the string slots in the nut

        boom, you get the low 7 string range for little tio no cash to test out of you dig it enough to then get the full 7