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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 2-4-13


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    Been a while. Have a backlog of overstock. Everything is OBO and does not include shipping. I'm in Canada for reference, and I think I can ship for $12 for a single pedal to anywhere in North America.

    If you want details, feel free to PM me. I think everything is Truebypass, analog dry path, and generally awesome sounding. Comes with full waranty and free pick.


    - Looking for a used Rat, non-working is fine, and inexpensive is perfect

    - Guitars like MIM strats and Teles will be considered

    - Try me, worst I can say is thanks but no

    Here we go.

    Reverb: $139


    Looper: $159

    Darkside: $129 (G2 clone)

    Starlight Echo: $179 (Barely noticeable Blem version, Southern Cross lights up when engaged)

    PT80 Delay: $129

    Ram's Head Muff: $99

    Rangemaster: $99 (Runs on standard 9V supply - internal power conversion)

    Thanks for looking. If you're looking for a pedal of some particular type, let me know and I might have something that fits the bill, or I can make something that might. Let me know by pm or email.


    JMK Pedals - Custom Pedal Creations
    website - youtube - facebook - DIY Projects - Used Pedals


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      Looking for a Polytune Mini.


      Let me know!

      The Good Traders List: 6StrngStrangler x2, LionHeaRT07, GRINGO_LOCO x2, befey


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        FS/FT Vintage Phase 90, Digitech PDS 1002, DOD Punkifier, EHX LPB-1, Alesis SR-16, Vexter Fuzz Factory

        Vintage phase 90 $200 OBO- Date on pot dates to 1974.  Has definite signs of age but works flawlessly.  Sounds amazing!

        Digitech PDS-1002 $100 OBO - Looks great for age.  Works woderfully.  Has batery door.

        DOD Punkifier $100 OBO - Works great.  Looks great.  Missing battery door.

        EHX LPB-1 $25 OBO - Does exactly what it should.

        Alesis SR-16 $75 OBO - Famous drum machine w box.

        Vexter Fuzz Factory  $120 OBO -  with box.

        PS Vita Trade Only - Great shape with a few games and case.

        Pictures available by request. Please feel free to make trade offers.


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          Foxrox Aquavibe, w/ adapter and I think i have the box - $300
          Boss TW-1 touch wah, MIJ 80's - $120
          T-Rex tube Room Mate, really cool reverb, comes with adapter - $210
          Empress superdelay, not vintage modified, no adapter (needs center POSITIVE adapter, or powers great with a pp2+ using the red end cable) - $300

          pics here: http://imgur.com/a/AimDh#0

          Prices include PP gift and shipping. more than happy to accept normal paypal if you add 3%. can knock off a few bucks if shipping to Canada.

          as far as trades, looking for a EHX Bass Microsynth, Voodoo pedal power digital, PINK retrosonic delay. not too much else at the moment, but always a sucker for trades.

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          Bull**************** #1 is available now for $85 shipped to US/CA!
          It's a handmade point to point construction fuzz/drive of my own design. Does a great job of Robert Fripp-esque lead sounds on the neck pickup and can get nice and raunchy on the bridge. Uses a combination of silicon transistor clipping and mosfet-driven soft clipping to get filthy but not ugly! One knob is bull**************** you say? -\_-

          #1 also features that badass knob.

          Bull**************** Fuzz Production.jpg

          This exact pedal is the fuzz used in the demo: https://soundcloud.com/shoepedals2/shoe-bull****************-fuzz-demo 



          Savior Machines will also be available later in the week for $145 to US/CA and at aditional cost of shipping internationally.

          Here are the enclosures I am in the process of filling up:


          Savior Machine is a jfet/mosfet-based discrete transistor overdrive. It does not use Op Amps at all and is not derived from or based on any other pedal in particular. The result is a very dynamic pedal that has a very amp-like feel. It generally resides in the more british (vox/marshall) camp but is not limited to sounding like any specific amp. You can easily move from smooth lead overdrive to kerranging crunchy marshall-esque chords on the bridge just by varying your pickup selection and playing dynamics. The simple Gain Tone Level setup is easy to use and understand and works for anything from indie rock to blues to classic rock to jazz to shoegaze to whatever.

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