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  • OT: Recent Vinyl Scores

    Been buying records instead of pedals lately. Any of you guys into collective vinyl?


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    paging Mr Honk... Mr Good Honk...

    Blind Doc Jones' Pickles....Cures What Ails Ya


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      I have been buying vinyls instead of pedals recently also. this friday after work I picked up Between the Buried and Me self-titled lp and ZZ Top Afterburner (used $3).


      last week I got Ween's 12 Golden Country Greats and Deep Purple's Fireball (used $3).


      Have you checked out its a good site for catalouging what you have and finding rare stuff that other people have. my wishlist keeps growing every day.


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      Vinyl addiction is an excellent substitute for pedal addiction. I just ordered a few Frusciante records that have finally been reissued - Will to death, DC EP and Ataxia II. 

      I had to spend a bit to replace my cartridge recently though, so that has slowed down my reckless spending. Bought a Ortofon 2m red and my set up sounds better than ever. 

      Great transactions with: Amplifier Worship, lowbrow, Faldoe, seifukusha, squareking, needleTOink, StopReferencing, Aaron SS, Lou-Dog


      • goodhonk
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        Aw yeah, gotta get me that flaming lips album!

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      Just ordered the new MBV and I also got Dripping on wax a couple weeks ago. Did you pick it up at one of their gigs?
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      • Urinate Forever
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        nope, i ordered it thru bandcamp. Found their stuff through a related videos from a Whores video.

        I got the big web ep too when that came out. Wish I had a copy of Magic Isn't Real!


        Hopefully I'll be able to see them when they pass thru philly in a few months.

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      Recent purchases from latest to oldest - mbv, Tame Impala-Lonerism, Grizzly Bear-Shields, Melody's Echo Chamber, Vetiver-Errant Charm, Sea&Cake-Runner, Chairlift-Something...


      • Fender&EHX4ever
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        Looking forward this year to Bowie, MGMT, Phoenix, Arcade Fire...

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      STOP kids before it's too late! They are the worst thing to move.

      I have many crates in another room.....

      records  summer 2012.jpg


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      • Capsule
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        ^^^ nice. 


        I've bought a ton of vinyl lately...  need to slow down actually. 

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      age of adz is fantastic


      • jordanjordan
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        PKTrono wrote:
        age of adz is fantastic

        This. The production on that record really comes to life on vinyl. Check out St Vincent's Strange Mercy album on vinyl. I like it for a lot of the same reasons as Age of Adz. 

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      Gonna put on da vinyls record.