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  • Grammys



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    That a quick GIF


    I liked Fun. and the Rihanna song, Mumford was pretty good, Bruno Mars/Sting was  cool.  There are still too many pop songs using that Em C G D kind of thing.  Elton and the gang do The Weight was great.  The Black Keys and Jack White were a breath of non pop fresh air.

    Frank Ocean I don't get, I don't listen to the radio, but the guy can't sing live, I mean I couldn't figure out what he was trying to do melodically, I think the crowd was really cheering the lighting effect with the running legs. 

    Not the best Grammy's in memory, but I have a pretty low bar for live music on tv, even if I don't like it, it's usually interesting in some way.

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    • Lou Speed's Alt
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      Don't be talking about anyone's grammy. Alien got banned for that.

    • lefort_1
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      orourke wrote:

      Not the best Grammy's in memory, but I have a pretty low bar for live music on tv, even if I don't like it, it's usually interesting in some way.

      Don't be diluting the Grammy mojo...GWGT will be pissed.

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    The Grammys?  They still have those?


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      I don't give a **************** about the Grammys and I'm not watching, but i do love hearing that beiber didn't get nominated and is being a big ****************ing baby about it, and that some dude name Al Walser got nominated for the ****************tiest song I've heard in a long time (seriously, look him up. he's like a no-name DB that networked his way into a nomination, the music is terrible and his video has like a $100 budget), just going to show what a joke these awards are.
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