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Opinions on digital delay units/(Flashback x4 vs DD-20 vs DL4)


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  • Opinions on digital delay units/(Flashback x4 vs DD-20 vs DL4)

    I have been pondering a potential purchase, and was hoping I could call on the good chaps of HCFX for some help. I have been trying out and pricing several delay pedals, but have been having a difficult time deciding. Currently in the running are:

    TC Electronic Flashback x4 (I Figure I can find used for around $180)

    Boss DD-20 Giga Delay (Used, about $150)

    And the Line 6 Dl4 (Used about $170)

    I am leaning toward the Flashback, but I wanted the opinions of people who have actually had some of these on their boards. Thanks doods. (And sorry to seem so wordy...)

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    TC stuff sounds great. The Flashback x4 is the only delay in the running that I haven't played, but the upcoming Toneprint Editor has me intrigued.

    Right now, I have the RE-20, DD-20, and DL4 on my pedalboard. The RE-20 is a recent addition, to replace my Echoplex for live use, but I've been gigging with a DD-20 and DL4 for 10 years.

    The DD-20 is my favorite workhorse delay. It has tap tempo, millisecond or beats-per-minute display, and rhythmic subdivisions which really allow for precise control over delays and loops. One of my bands is an electronic duo, so the ability to sync my delays with drum machines is absolutely necessary. Also, the DD-20 just does a lot of really cool, controllable things that isn't readily apparent on the surface due to two separate delay engines. IMHO, it is the perfect delay for ambient looping.

    The DL4 is not precise at all, but the delays have more character. I mainly use mine for looping, but occasionally process DD-20 loops with it.


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      Thanks for the input. Yeah, Toneprint is a big part of why I want the Flashback x4, I rather like the idea of being able to add new modes to the pedal. But the dd-20 is smaller, and sounds pretty awesome as well. I've heard some complaints about the looper on the Flashback, and I intend to play some ambient type stuff, and not having a good looper would be no good. Also, if anyone has any other recomendations for delays under $200, by all means, let me know.

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    The DL4 is the best bang for your buck... Also, the M9 is only about $250-275 used now. I have mine setup with 6 delays... its a good way to audition sounds while playing a song. I don't have to stop and change the knobs, just tap on another delay patch and keep going.

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      I just got my delaylab and I prefer it to all of those. Maybe the flashbacks tape sounds but thats about it.