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    Is that a good phaser? I never see much mention of it. Based on the MXR?

    Script Phase 90 sounds about right.

    Edit: embed fail.
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      here is my pedaltrain 2 setup:

      the novas and vp are in my fx loop. everything else is running up front...including the altoids


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            Here is my most recent.

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              Current (the empty space is the Keeley Rat in for repairs)

              From almost a year ago

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                Ok .here is a PT 1...when I first got it stuff was not cabled up yet (lava-Right angles) came with hardshell case.
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                  Here are couple versions of mine. First is
                  most recent...

                  Couple more updates. Man I can never stick with pedals, but at least I keep the same ol' PT-2! lol


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                      TEH DRUMZ ARE CLIPPING WTF

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                        I've never used a pedal board so I'm wondering if the velcro serves to primarily keep pedals from sliding on the inclined board and or if it's used for conveniences like being able to flip the board over or on its side to get at the wiring underneath? If I ever get one I'm reluctant to bastardize my pedals by adding the tape to them but I guess if that's how it's done...


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                          Also for people with up to 10+ pedals on the board are they all in the chain or constantly rewired to minimize tone sucking (unless a switch board is used)?


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