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Not all P&W sounds like U2

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  • Not all P&W sounds like U2

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      Still doesn't make it even remotely cool.
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        Not all bodily fluids smell like piss, still doesn't mean I want to bathe in them.


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      Jesus built my meximelt.
      MAN for that kind of thing U got to go Back to the Old boxes from back when!! In those days we would bring are AMPS to the lake and wnen U tilt the Cab down by the water U can see the ****************in DENT it made! With the waves coming off it and Everything ****************!!!!! NOwadays they all play in there Dens and home bars or watever kind of **************** they get up to


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        the second video starts with that really weird leonard cohen cover, which, by the way, is not a p and w song. then it turns to ****************. like all p and w.


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          report and ignore :cry: