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Peeing after the orgasm....

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  • Peeing after the orgasm....

    .....almost as good as the orgasm?
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    I'd like to add......druuuuuuunk. Happy valentines haha.
    Light: http://monkeyseemonkeydoom.bandcamp.com/Heavy: http://al-kinda.bandcamp.com/


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    i like to try and time it so it is during orgasm

    " "


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      I have often said this. They are both very powerful joys.
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          only if it doesn't spray the door and the wall at the same time.

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        Also dick swabs suck. a lot.

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          Founding father of the Fulldrive IIth Fairies


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            Come on guys - it's an effects forum. I don;t think this is really appropriate.


            Thread closed.



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