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Everyone ready for DLS GAS again?


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  • Everyone ready for DLS GAS again?

    Yeah, PGS put out a debut demo. Sounds... ****************ing lovely.


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    A fresh Marshall-in-Box, that's based on their old Marshall-in-a box.

    I'll admit though, it doesn't sound half bad in that clip. I'll stick to my joyo Cruncher though.


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      That mids knob was an even better idea than transparent dishwashers.
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      • Dr.Picklebottom
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        sounds like the old version (good).

        im interested to see a demo that shows how this differs.

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      I'm tempted but fear it would be redundant with my OCD. However, one of my favorite things to do with my old DLS was to run it with a slight breakup tone and run a big muff into it. Hmmmm
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        Yeah I watched the video from fb, and also CB has a couple of videos on it. Really sounds good to me. Nothing on my board right now like this, so perhaps.  

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      I'm waiting for the pink version.

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        Sounds nice.