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songs that bring back intense memories/feelings


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  • songs that bring back intense memories/feelings

    My dad has this Sting tape and we use to listen to it all the time on road trips before my mom passed and I remember the feeling(s) the song envoked in me, not sure how to explain it. I always liked it.



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    I think that ws like the third cd i ever bought
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      Oh man! Too many to mention. I would say anything from the 70's. Did I mention the 80's and the 90's? Anyway, the one that first comes to mind is Led Zeppelin's "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You".

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        I defoliated a certain young lady's victory garden to "Oh What a Feeling".

        It's the only reason I can tolerate that song.

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      All of my favorite music brings back intense memories of some kind... which is why they are my favorite songs.


      California Dreaming, and pretty much anything with Mama Cass singing reminds me of being a toddler and hanging out with my mom listening to her stereo. She wasn't a hippie or stoner, but she loved paisley and incense in the early 70s.She also played a lot of Simon and Garfunkel for me. Those early impressions have defined my melodic preferences ever since.

      My mom bought me Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band for Christmas when I was 9 in 1979. That album changed everything. It turned a cold Indiana morning into a technicolor journey, and fueled my taste for conceptual albums with intros, seques, and finales.

      David Bowie's Let's Dance and Duran Duran's Rio defined the age between 12 and 14... the soundtracks of early adolescence... reminds me of springtime rain and of course girls.

      U2's Unforgettable Fire was the soundtrack of high school... autumn, the smell of firewood, and ghosts.

      My college years are tied to Cocteau Twins Blue Bell Knoll and Heaven or Las Vegas, MBV's Loveless, and all the shoegaze stuff... 

      Post college? Too many to name.



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        aurora borealis off meat puppets II