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Modifying and hand-wiring effects pedals, question


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  • Modifying and hand-wiring effects pedals, question

    I came across what I'm assuming is a home made boost pedal. It was left behind by a musician at a gig. It's in a plain black metal housing and has a single switch and volume knob.


    It sounds like a completely clean boost. Which is nice because it should be a simple clean slate for me to start with. I've always wanted to build an effect pedal, especially a fuzz, this should be an easy way to start, I'm assuming.


    I want to tinker with it and turn it into a fuzz pedal, or maybe something tube screamer like. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me some tips?

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    • roundtree
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      In short,


      What would i have to replace to fuzz it up?

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    Pretty killer stuff. ~~:catsurprised:

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    • spentron
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      Looks like a MXR Micro Amp. It even has a 56K resistor next to the IC (green-blue-etc.). A sort of fuzzy distortion could be done by increasing the gain a lot and adding a volume control to get it in control. For example, by changing that 56K to 1M. Its R4 in the schematic: http://www.schematicsunlimited.com/download.php?manu=MXR&file=mxr-m-133-micro-amp-pedal-schematic.pdf


      I would recommend at least as much, use its boost to overdrive another dirt or your amp more. Buy a pedal for what else you need many are cheap.