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[NMDAD] New "more debt accrued" day!


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  • [NMDAD] New "more debt accrued" day!

    I've been wanting a bass to mess around with for a while and made plans to find a cheap (sub $200) bass today. That was before I saw the thread on the pawn shop series Bass VI here.


    I've wanted a Bass VI for a really long time now, but never found one locally. even if I did, I doubt I would have been able to find one for a reasonable price. Finding out that the pawn shop series added a Bass VI changed my plans for a super cheap bass. Looked around today and found that there weren't any in stock anywhere, but was asked "are you absolutely set on the pawn shop version?". I was then motioned to:



    2012 japanese reissue.


    twice the price of the PS version but played and sounded amazing. I was apprehensive, but being of weak will and egged on by my friends, I got it.







    Been jamming on it for a few hours now, I'm loving it. Now I gotta pick up a tech21 VT Bass (running the VI into my twin right now, doesn't sound bad but not really bassy), another strap and maybe finally get the empress compressor I've been wanting. I was worried that it would have the standard jazzmaster bridge that I'd maybe have to replace with a Mastery since I love it on my jazzmaster, but it has different saddles so I don't think it'll be an issue. The D string buzzes a bit at the bridge though, but that's the only thing I can fault on it.


    one more thing to check off of my "gotta get one at some point in my life" list.

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    yeah man you have to


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    • Danhedonia
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      Real nice.

      Was in the local m&p shop Saturday, saw a really terrific MIJ Jag RI ... black/black/black, matching headstock.  Siiiiiiick.

    • fourfingered
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      S'got a great finish too. Love a sunburst on an offset.

    • riff ie
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      Strat87 wrote:

      like wild mountain honey...

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    Damn, that is hot!



    • jhamnett
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      WOW that's stunning.

    • macadood
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      sweet! put some guitar strings on that thang

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    That's pretty awesome.



    • Beef
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      That looks super pretty dude. Enjoy it.

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    so its been a week, been playing it as much as I can and I'm really digging it. forgot how different and kinda hard playing the bass it, got a lot to learn and a lot of practicing to do. ordered another few couch straps to throw on the Bass VI and my backup guitars (weird side note, my EC jazzmaster is on their Brown Deadstock strap page. actually the same pic I have as my avatar). put together a small bass board using my "grab-n-go board" thats mostly been collecting dust:


    bass board v1.0


    the combo of the VT Bass and the Empress Compressor really sound great, not only running direct but even through my Twin it sounds more natural (as a bass) than just running right into the Twin on its own. went through almost all my dirt & fuzzes that aren't in use on my guitar board, and at least when running through an amp the Fingerprint sounds pretty good for nasty DFA or Beastie Boys - Gratitude type dirty bass. the VT Bass has some nice dirty sounds but gets really noisy, plus I'd like to be able to toggle the dirt on & off instead of turning knobs. I may look around for something designed with bass more in mind at some point, but the Fingerprint sounds like it'll work pretty well for now.


    now I just gotta perfect setting the intonation on the Bass VI.

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